Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions

"De Uiver" = hereafter "Seller"
1.1 Changes in the general conditions by the seller at any time without notice for any place.
1.2 The General Conditions (the Conditions) to all orders and deliveries of vendor application.
1.3 The establishment of an order that the purchaser applying the then current Terms.
1.4 Only after written approval by the seller may deviate from these conditions.
1.5 All rights and claims, as those terms are negotiated on behalf of the seller, are also stipulated for by the seller intermediaries and other third parties.

2.1 The Seller reserves the right to change prices of (all) products in between to change without prior notice.
2.2 An order is only made after acceptance of your order by vendor. Seller is entitled to refuse an order, which arises by reason negligence, payment and / or abuse of the buyer in the past. Seller shall in writing within two (2) working state. (Weekdays Monday - Friday)

3.1 The shipping method is determined by the seller, provided the buyer has their own choice which clearly buyer in his / her order indicates. The liability for a shipment which is recommended by the buyer is at your own risk and seller can not be recovered.
3.2 By seller is dependent on the carriers will be a delivery day are approximate. Exact delivery times may never be identifiable. It is also the possibility that the carrier ordered to neighbor issues. If you only come home address should you wish to communicate during the order. Seller can never be by the purchaser or others would be liable for reimbursement of costs or consequential damages.
3.3 Not in stock products are not placed in backorder, unless otherwise agreed between seller and buyer. Seller, Buyer shall within two (2) working on this notice and in consultation if necessary arrange for an alternative. If both parties do not reach an alternative agreement, the sale canceled.

4.1 All prices for products and services are in euros and exclusive of the current VAT (21%) and shipping.
4.2 For orders with a delivery address outside the Netherlands are rates of TNT in association with DPD, DHL or UPS used.
4.3 Prices on the day of delivery are valid, notwithstanding the agreed replenishment
4.4 Current offers can not be returned and / or exchanged.

5.1 Payment must before delivery (unless otherwise agreed) take place on: ABN/AMRO- account:
NL70ABNA0481923721 in the name of "The Uiver" stating your name and order number.
For foreign payments:
IBAN: NL70ABNA0481923721
5.2 Orders are processed upon receipt of payment. There is no reservation to receiving payment for the ordered observed.

6.1 Loss and / or theft by the transportation will be reimbursed by the vendor provided clear evidence for this can be delivered. A marked deficiency in carrier, which ordered the buyer does not receive after 5 days will be sent back by the seller. If the package by the carrier nevertheless be awarded interim buyer must refuse the package sent after making it back to seller within 48 hours returned.
If a package is damaged on the outside, is the excess of copper in terms of lack of substantive products acceptance by the purchaser with the carrier. Buyer may after acceptance of damaged package is not entitled to substantive defect products and damage.

7.1 In the event of force majeure, as a manner of persons in any case will apply, riots, epidemics, natural disasters, lockout, strike, fire, circumstances of war, terrorism, mobilization, and export barriers, lack of raw materials, auxiliary materials, finished products or labor , disruptions in public services, failure of any kind in our business, or in that of our suppliers or agents, or in case of other circumstances, including breach of contract vendor can not reasonably be required or not timely, the seller will right to choose, without judicial intervention and without any compensation to the buyer to be held in any notification the contract in whole or in part.

8.1 Products remain until the day of payment of property seller and can cause excess payment immediately recovered.
8.2 Upon failure of a payment agreement will undoubtedly buyer after payment requests sent by a collection agency direct input enabled. The resulting fluid collection costs and interest calculation for the buyer's expense.

9.1 The Buyer shall indemnify seller for any liability of Seller against third parties could rest on the retailer delivered.
9.2. Seller is not responsible for the work of third parties including but not limited processing of products supplied by the seller.

10.1 Parts may within fourteen (14) days after the receiving date and after notice to seller and consultation provided the products are exchanged in a position of service to resale of the seller. Already begun packaging are not acceptable for return.
10.2 Electronic components can never be exchanged / returned.
10.3 The Purchaser shall upon return of products returned by vendor number to ask what he / she is on the box of the returned products visible states. Returns without listed by vendor number will be refused.
10.4 Not reported previously returned by the seller can and will be refused.
10.5 Shipping and other costs incurred for the returned products are and remain buyers cost. Buyer must return the product (s) free to send to: "The Uiver" Provincialeweg North 85-87 to
NL-6439 AB Doenrade.
10.6 incurred by the buyer, such as shipping, handling, etc. are taken as deductions from the returned product.
10.7 The method of return for buyers choice and risk.
10.8 Oral or written agreement confirmed return requests must be received within 5 working days taken by the seller. After crossing the seller can and will be returned for receipt reject products and the products are returned to sender at his expense
10.9 Buyer shall receive the products before handling to check for accuracy. In retrospect it can not be claimed.
Seller will replace the item or payment undo if it shows that the article is not accepted for legitimate reasons. Within this period no shortage reported will void any claim against Seller in respect of any defect.
10.10 Seller can not be held responsible for damage caused by incorrect shipments with incorrect articles.
10.11 Seller can not be held responsible for specifying a wrong delivery address, even after relocation.

11.1 Seller delivers only original Land Rover factory parts, which the Land Rover
warranty applies.
11.2 Seller shall remove the guarantee of the copper treatment on presentation of invoice date and invoice number.
11.3 In order to guarantee all fairness to solve the buyer to provide all cooperation to the demand of the seller.
11.4 In order to guarantee the deal, all parts within 10 days after return message to be sent. Parts sent after ten (10) days will not be processed.
11.5 Seller shall not be liable for the labor of others.
11.11 Return shipment does not guarantee reimbursement.
11.12 A guarantee is composed exclusively of the same product as the product purchased and not for any costs incurred to third parties.
11.13 A complaint which duty is to qualify as a guarantee, only under warranty, provided that the above Land Rover warranty, which means that the final decision rests with the manufacturer's warranty is deposited. Seller is subject to the seller being factory warranty and the seller can not be held liable.
About 11.14 shelved guarantee applications will not be entered.

12.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the website of the seller may not be copied without permission.
If the seller in any way without authority used copyright and other intellectual property rights of "The Uiver" to come, if not sing after a warning is given an official report will be made.

13.1 At any dispute, the court of the place of our establishment, or, at our responsible choice